Single Layer Bus Bar Quick Print Form

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Pin Choice =  Standard Pin  Optional Pin
N =  Number of pins
P =  Dimension between pins (.200 up, increments of .100)
T =  Conductor thickness (.012, .015 std.) (.010,.020 opt.)
L =  Length of conductors = (P x (N-1)) + .1)
W =  Width of conductor bodies (from .150 up (.225 std.))
Epoxy Coated =  With Coating  Without Coating
  1. All dimensions are in inches.
  2. Conductor Material: #110 Cu. (1/2 HD.)
  3. Plating: Matte Tin per MIL-T-10727 Type I, .0002 - .0005 thick
  4. Blue Epoxy Powder Coating Approximately .010" Thick
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